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Basic Information

Breed Group
Dense,Harsh and Rough,Long,Short,Thick
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches


The Samoyed is a cheerful dog and one that always boast having a smile on their face which is one of the reasons why the breed has proved so popular not only here in the UK, but elsewhere in the world too. Apart from their lovely looks with their gorgeous, sparkling white coats and dark eyes, the Samoyed is a delight to have around thanks to their affectionate, fun-loving and cheerful natures. However, they are not the best choice for first time owners, because although clever and quick to learn, the Samoyed can prove challenging to train.

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The Samoyed we know today boasts an interesting ancestry and were named after the Samoyed tribes of Siberia. However, the breed was developed by two tribes namely the Samoyed and the Nentsy and it was fur traders who came across these dogs during their trading expeditions to the Arctic. The fur traders brought their dogs back to Britain with them, but at the time they were described as white and black dogs. It was dogs of this type that were used on the very first Polar expedition. However, it was the white dogs that boasted stand-off coats that became the most recognisable throughout the world. Today, the Samoyed remains one of the most recognised dogs thanks to their charming smiley faces, their sparkling white coats and their dark, expressive eyes.

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