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German Shorthaired Pointer


Basic Information

Breed Group
Dense,Harsh and Rough,Short,Water-Repellent
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



The German Shorthaired Pointer is among the most popular Hunt, Point and Retrieve working dogs to have been imported to the UK since the end of the World War II. They are handsome, athletic and dedicated dogs that over the years have also earned themselves a solid reputation for being good companions and family pets. GSP's are athletic, large dogs that boast a noble, elegant appearance which paired to their well-balanced natures sees them enjoying success both in the field and in the showring too.

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The actual origins of the German Shorthaired Pointer remain unclear, but it's thought the breed is a descendant of the ancient German Bird Dog and that these smart, handsome dogs share a few of the Spanish Pointer’s genetic traits which was a sporting dog introduced to Germany during the 17th century. With this said, the GSP probably came about using various pointer breeds as well as a few tracking and hunting dogs which could well include Bloodhounds, more especially because there were so many in both Germany and England at the time.

Prince Albert zu Solms-Braunfeld was a breed enthusiast and he encouraged breeders to develop a hardworking, biddable, hunting dog rather than choose stud dogs for their looks alone. The first studbook was established in the 1870's, but before this time breed records were not kept. The first dog was taken over to the States in 1925 when a breeding programme was established. However, World War II had an impact on the breed in that nobody wanted a German hunting dog because of their connection with the "Fatherland".

However, breed enthusiasts hid their dogs in order to save them with the best of the breed being sent to Yugoslavia which at the time was behind the Iron Curtain. At the end of the war, breeders could not get to their best dogs because of this and as such it was necessary to re-build breed numbers using a very limited gene pool. Today, the German Shorthaired Pointer remains one of the most popular hunting dogs around, but they have also earned themselves a solid reputation for being wonderful companions and family pets thanks to their kind, placid and loyal natures and more especially with people who lead active, outdoor lives.

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