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Golden Retriever


Basic Information

United Kingdom
Breed Group
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



Golden Retrievers have consistently remained one of the most popular choices of pets here in the UK and the world over for many years and for good reason. These dogs boast wonderfully calm natures which paired to their intelligence and trainability make them the perfect choice as family pets. Originally bred as their name suggests to retrieve "game" and many Golden Retrievers are still seen in the "field" because they are so highly valued for their skills.

However, it's in the home and workplace that Labs really shine, they are marvellous with children and other pets. They are renowned for being one of the best breeds used a guide dogs. They excel at other jobs they are asked to do which includes detecting bombs, tracking and competing in obedience classes. They are one of the top choices of dogs used in search and rescue situations. They boast loyal and affectionate natures whether they are working dogs or family pets.

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For a long time, the breed's origin was a little confusing, but today most enthusiasts believe these lovely "golden" dogs came about all thanks to Lord Tweedmouth who set about producing a gundog capable of retrieving game from water and marshlands. Yellow Retrievers already existed as working dogs in the field, but it was the Lord's endeavours that produced the Golden Retrievers we see today.

The first time Golden Retrievers were ever shown at the Crystal Palace was in 1908 by Viscount Harcourt and then a year or so later at Crufts. He started the "Culham" line using dogs bred by the Earl of Portsmouth. The dogs that were exhibited were referred to as "Flat Coat (Golden)", a name they retained right up till 1913 only being called Golden Retrievers in 1920, but they were officially recognised as a breed in their own right by the Kennel Club in 1903.

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