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Boston Terrier


Basic Information

United States
Breed Group
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



The Boston Terrier is often referred to as the "American Gentleman" and for good reason. These smart little dogs boast an interesting ancestry owing some of it to the British Bulldog. The breed first appeared on the scene in the States back in 1893 when various terrier and bull type dogs were crossed. The result saw the first pair of dogs being born and it was these dogs that were to form the foundation stock for the Boston Terrier breed that we know and love today.

From then onwards, Boston Terriers have found their way into the hearts and homes of many owners around the world thanks to their smart looks, and their dapper, eye catching appeal. These charming little dogs boast a personality that perfectly matches their good looks, they are always even tempered and a pleasure to have around.

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It was in the 1800's that the Boston Terrier first appeared on the scene when an English White Terrier was crossed with an English Bulldog. However, over time many more crosses took place resulting in the breed we see today. Breeds used to create the Boston included English Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls and Boxers as well as many other terrier type breeds that were around at the time.

The original Boston Terrier was a much heavier dog, weighing in at 20 kg, but over the ensuing years these dogs were bred smaller and smaller which resulted in them being the size and weight we are familiar with today. By the turn of the century, the American Bull Terrier Club was established and Boston Terriers became a popular choice as pets and companion dogs throughout their native country. A breed standard was set early in the 20th century which included the Boston's extremely distinctive coat colours and markings. Today, the Boston Terrier is still as popular in the States as it ever was with many schools, universities and clubs having these unique and charming looking dogs as their mascots.

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