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Yorkshire Terrier


Basic Information

United Kingdom
Breed Group
Black and Tan,Blue
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs that boast long, fine and silky coats. They may be small in stature and classed as a toy breed, but Yorkies are always ready to take on the world. They are outgoing by nature and were originally bred here in the UK not that very long ago. Over the years these little, feisty dogs have found their way into the hearts and homes of many people not only here, but elsewhere in the world too, thanks to their charming looks and fun-loving personalities.

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Native to the UK, the Yorkshire Terrier first appeared on the scene when Scottish Weavers crossed Halifax Terriers they bought with them during their move to Yorkshire and Lancashire in the 1850s with other terrier-types. It is thought that Yorkies have an illustrious lineage with the Manchester, Skye, Paisley terriers as well as the Dandie Dinmont and Maltese having been used to create these charming, small dogs.

They were originally exhibited as Scotch Terriers back in 1861, but later they were renamed Yorkshire Terriers with the breed being finally recognised by The Kennel Club in 1886. These little dogs soon found their way over to the States and were recognised as a unique breed by the American Kennel Club soon afterwards. For a long time Yorkies were the preferred dogs of the "working classes" thanks to their expert ratting abilities, but today, these little terriers are still as popular with people as family pets and companion dogs both here in the UK and abroad thanks to their charming looks and feisty personalities.

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