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Australian Terrier


Basic Information

Breed Group
Harsh and Rough,Medium,Water-Repellent,Wire
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



The Australian Terrier is a happy, intelligent and lively little dog, but they are hardy, robust characters too. Always alert, they are true "terriers" by nature and being highly adaptable, they are just at home in a working environment as they are in the home. These terriers have been popular in their native Australia for a decades and are now among one of the terrier group that has been a real hit here in the UK and elsewhere in the world because they make such great family pets and companion dogs.

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The Australian Terrier is thought to be the result of early 19th Century settlers crossing Scottish terriers with other terriers from the north of England. These little dogs were taken on ships to the New World and their job was to keep the mouse and rat population under control during the long voyages.

Their ancestors are thought to include the Dandie Dinmont, Yorkshire, Cairn, Skye and Irish terrier. They first appeared as a breed in their own right in 1820 when they were called "Rough-Coated Terriers". It was only much later that the breed was renamed the Australian Terrier before being officially recognised as a breed in its own right by The Kennel Club back in 1936.

Over the years, the Aussie has gained popularity in other countries of the world all thanks to their lively and affectionate natures as well as the fact they are robust little dogs even though they are small in stature. They have earned themselves the reputation of being great at letting owners know when there's anyone at the door or strangers around too.

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