Pomsky Training


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Pomskies have inherited the intelligence of both their parent breeds. The Pomeranian being among the highest ranked breed when it comes to intelligence and the Husky being not that far behind. However, as with a lot of cross breeds and pedigree dogs, some Pomskies are smarter than others. Because they are so eager to please, these charming dogs are quick when it comes to learning new things, but this means they are quick to pick up bad behaviours too.

When it comes to training a Pomsky, they may have inherited a lot of intelligence from both parent breeds, but they can also inherit a stubborn streak too. As such, early socialisation is essential, but the same can be said for their training. Puppies need to be taught the "basics" from the word go and their training has to begin in earnest as soon as they have been fully vaccinated. Enrolling a Pomsky into puppy classes is a very good idea because not only will they be taught how to behave, but they will get to meet lots of new people and other dogs which will stand both owner and dog in good stead later on.

Pomskies need to know their place in the pack and who they can look to for direction and guidance for them to be truly happy, well-rounded and better behaved dogs. If they don't know who is alpha dog in a household, they can quickly start to show a more dominant side to their nature. This can result in a Pomsky taking on the role of alpha dog making them that much harder to handle and live with. 

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