Border Collie Training


Easy to Train
Exceptionally (Rating 5/5)
Extremely (Rating 5/5)


The Border Collie is at the top of the list when it comes to intelligence with the added bonus being that these active and lively dogs like to please. Rarely do Collies get it wrong once they are shown or taught what to do. They may be hyperactive characters, but this not mean they cannot focus on an owner during a training session.

However, like all dogs, a Border Collie's training and education has to start early for them to be truly well-rounded dogs. Socialising a Collie from a young age is essential. They respond incredibly well too positive reinforcment, but their training needs to be consistent and always fair. Dogs need understand their place in a pack and who is alpha dog in a household or they may become unruly and hard to handle.

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