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Swedish Vallhund


Basic Information

Breed Group
Dense,Harsh and Rough,Thick
25 - 35 Pounds
14 - 16 Inches



The Swedish Vallhund could easily be mistaken for a Welsh Corgi with an unusual coat colour, but in actual fact, they are not related whatsoever. Also known as a Swedish Cattle Dog, they are highly prized in their native Sweden for being extremely good working dogs thanks to their tenacious dispositions. Since arriving in the UK, the Swedish Vallhund has found a big fan base and are known to be loyal, friendly companions and wonderful family pets and over the years their numbers are on the rise.

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The actual origins of the Swedish Vallhund remain a bit of mystery although some people believe they could be descendants of dogs that owned by Vikings. They have always been highly prized in their native Sweden for being excellent herding dogs that would always let owners know when something was not right. They are also known to be very good at keeping vermin under control which is another reason why the Vallhund is often seen working alongside farmers in Sweden.

Their breed numbers fell dangerously low in the 1940s, but thanks to the efforts of Count Von Rose, the Swedish Vallhund was saved from extinction when he set up a breeding programme using four excellent examples of the breed, three were females and the other was a male. The Swedish Kennel Club recognised the breed in 1943, but it was not until the 1970s that these charming little dogs were introduced into the UK and they were granted recognition by The Kennel Club in 1984. Today, these affectionate and loyal dogs have found their way into the hearts and homes of many people outside of their native Sweden which includes in the UK thanks to their charming natures and the fact they make such wonderful companions and family pets.

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