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Dogs To Buy For People Living In Cold Weather Area

posted on 2017-03-01  12:02:43 By Diane

If you are living in places like Utah then you need to know what dogs to buy for your home. Not all dog breeds can survive Utah temperature. But good news is there are some dog breeds which are meant for cold weather.

We are going to talk about Top 10 dogs to buy for people located in cold areas like London and NYC.


These Japanese dogs used to status symbols for elite class in the society. These dogs look adorable and they are extremely loyal to their owners. Their special coats make them ideal for cold weather area. The only bad thing about these dogs is they can moody sometimes. They still make ideal family dogs.

9.Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan malamute may resemble a wolf look wise, but they are great family dogs. They remain loyal to their owners. These dogs can only survive in cold weather. Their long hairs keep them warm in cold weather.

8.Bernese Mountain Dog

If you live in a cold remote area, then get one of these beauties. These dogs are strong, brave and will never leave their owners side in dangerous situation. These dogs are great for single woman and elderly people who need protection.

7.German Shepherd

German Shepherds are relatively common dogs, Americans love this dog. They make great house pets. These dogs are playful and love to participate in various activities with their owners. German shepherd also make great guard dog.

6.Great Pyrenees

These dogs are incredibly cute and every girl wants one of these dogs. They are loyal, super active and protect their owner like a vulture. These giant dogs can scare small animals. If you live in a cold area and you travel in the night often, then you need one of these dogs to protect you.

5.Karakachan Bear Dog

Karakachan Bear Dog bear dogs are the cutest looking cold weather dogs. Their beautiful coat keeps them warm. They may look cute, but they are brave and loyal, they will protect their owner if they sense danger around them.

4.Shiba Inu

Since Shiba Inu has thicker coat they look more like a wolf and less like a house dog. These dogs are not that ferocious. They are brave and loyal. These dogs love snow and cannot survive in winter area.

3.Shiba Inu

One of the most expensive dogs in the world, Siberian husky needs to live in a cold area. They get sick if the weather is too warm. These dogs are guard dogs and often bites people who they think are attacking their owners.

2.Tibetan Mastiff

These dogs are not that “cute” looking, they kind of appear grumpy. But you want one of these dogs if you live a cold patchy area. These dogs are very smart and can guide you if you get lost during short travel.

1.Tibetan Terrier

These beautiful dogs are every dog lovers’ dream dog. They are fluffy, love snow and cuddles. However, these puppies do not come cheap, so get ready to shed some serious money if you want any of these.

Some of the above mention dogs come at an expensive price. However, they do not need any special diet or care. These dogs are meant for warm weather. So they have a strong immune system. This is why they do not fall sick very often.

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