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What To Do After Rescuing An Abandoned Dog?

posted on 2017-02-24  09:23:27 By Elle

I have a friend who now loves her dog more than she loves her family members. But she was not a dog lover. The only reason she owns a dog today is, an abandoned puppy came to her house during a flood. She saw the puppy and decided to keep it. But she does not know if that puppy belonged to anyone, as there were no missing puppy posters. She did not know who to approach about” her situation”.

Did you ever saw an abandoned dog and wanted to take the dog home, but did not know how to do it? Then read this article as in this article I am going to give you tips about “what to do when you see an abandoned dog?”

Rescuing An Abandoned Dog-1.jpg

First of all, you need to act responsibly. The abandoned dog on the street may not be vaccinated. That dog also does not know you. Do not try to pet him; he may see you as a potential killer, so he may act violently.

Wait for some time, take baby steps, and get closer only if the dog remains calm. Put a hand on his head, try to comfort him. A friendly dog will try to get close to you too.

Now you may fall in love with the dog, but you just cannot take him/her home without checking some things first.

Give the dog some food and take him to a local animal hospital or animal shelter (whichever is closest), they will check the dog, tell them you are interested in adopting the dog if no one claims ownership.

Rescuing An Abandoned Dog-2.jpg

The above steps I just mentioned are for right way to adopting an abandoned dog. You should legally adopt the pet. So in future, no one can say you are raising their dog.

Things to consider before adopting an abandoned dog

  1. Is the dog too old? Are you ready to take care of an old sick dog?
  2. Do you have space in home for a dog?
  3. Do your family members also love dogs?
  4. Can you afford a dog? (you need to take the dog to the vet at least once a year, think about this again and again)

Rescuing An Abandoned Dog-3.jpg

Dogs make the best companions. They are loyal, caring and relatively low maintenance. But not everyone is ready for the responsibility of a dog. So think for couple of days and if you think you can do it, only then take the abandoned dog home.

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