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Dogs To Buy For People living In Warm Weather Locality

posted on 2017-03-02  09:56:05 By Connie T. Harvey

American Eskimo dogs are cute, but these dogs cannot survive in warm Asian climate. Today I am going to share some valuable advice with people who live in warm area. I am going tell them what dogs to buy if they are enjoying summer all year long.

10.German Shorthaired Pointer

If you are living in a warm place and you love to hunt, then German shorthaired pointer is the dog for you. These dogs are very fast, perfect companion for a hunting trip. These dogs have great immune system; they do not fall sick often.

9.American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel has the most perfect name, as these dogs actually enjoy a shower unlike most other dogs. These dogs love summer time and outdoor sports. They are loyal. However, you need to train them well as they often bite the visitors who they do not know.

8.Great Dane

These dogs have a tough exterior; they are tough and make great guard dogs. But they also enjoy cuddling time with their owners. Great Dane dogs are great athletes. However, you need to keep a Great Dane active during the day. These dogs do not enjoy doing nothing when they are awake.

7.Border Collie

These black and white dogs look extremely adorable. You will never feel bored if you have one of these dogs. They love playing outdoors. Just get a Frisbee and see how Border collie plays with them. They can give you a good exercise.

6.Australian Cattle Dog

These mischievous looking dogs are great for warm weather. These dogs love water and water sports. These dogs love Sun baths, so you may need to buy sunscreen lotion very often. Loyal to their owners, Australian cattle dogs enjoy a good cuddle.

5.Airedale Terrier

These dogs are absolutely the cutest. They have nice far coat, which are great for cuddling. These dogs may appear as high maintenance dogs but in reality they are not. They need regular shower, and as long as you giving them proper showers, you do not need to take them to the groomers often.

4.Golden Retriever

The most popular dog in America, Golden retrievers are amazing. These golden beauties love warm weather. But they do not like to take showers. These dogs are very friendly, but they want attention and often cry like a baby if they think their owner is not paying attention to them.

3.Chesapeake Bay Retriever

These dogs may not look too cute or cuddly, but they can make a great house pet. They are brave, so they make a great guard dog. These dogs need very little maintenance.

2.Labrador Retriever

These dogs stay loyal to their owners until they die. These dogs also work as a therapy dog. These dogs love water sports, and they often indulge in fun activities with children.

1.American Foxhound

Even though these dogs are made for warm weather, they do not exactly enjoy Sunshine. So you need to take them out in early hours of the day to avoid harsh Sun rays.

A regular shower is must for your dog if you are living in a warm climate.

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