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How To Find Right Dog For Your Family

posted on 2017-03-02  13:12:52 By G. Johnston

Sometimes you will see dogs for sale notice board outside a pet shop. Do not just run to the pet store to get a puppy. It does not work like that; a puppy or a dog is a live animal and not furniture. You and your family need to know which dog is suitable for you.

Dogs come in different shapes and sizes. Some dogs have long hairs; some do not have any hair at all. Do not ever get a dog because it looks cute. Here are our guides to choose the perfect dog for your family.

You want a dog because?

Ask yourself this simple question, why you want a dog. Some people get a dog because they hate living alone, and want some companionship from the dog. Women get dog because they feel secure around a dog. Older citizen get helper dogs. Sick people or visually challenged people get service dog. You need to know which category you belong to.

Where do you live?

You cannot let your emotion rule you when you are choosing a dog. You have to think practically. If you live in a 500 square foot apartment then you cannot afford to get a big dog. A giant dog needs a big place. You need to get a small breed for an apartment. People who live in a house or a mansion can get giant dogs as space is not a problem for them.

Your emotional state

This is a very important aspect of getting any pet. Unfortunately dogs do not live as long as people do. Big dogs do not live more than 10 years. But dogs like Beagle live for a long time. Your dog will die one day and you may not like the day to come very soon, so get a dog that lives the longest among canines.

Your budget

Buying a puppy is no big deal, but that does not mean you can afford that puppy. Yearly cost for raising a puppy is approximately $1000. But there are some dogs which need less care and grooming; you may want to get one of those dogs.

Guard dog

You or one of your family members may need little help when it comes to running everyday errands. In that case you need to get a service dog. These dogs do not come cheap and you have to pay for their training in the beginning, but these dogs can be very useful and they can save your life in need.

Puppy or dog?

This is a huge decision, who does not want a puppy, but puppies need more attention than an adult dog. Busy professionals should get an adult dog.


Many of us are allergic to dog hair. Take your family to the pet shop and if he/she/you sneeze near a hairy dog then get a hairless dog for your home.

Dogs for sale is very different from clothes for sale, so always act wisely before you run to get a puppy.

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