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What Dogs To Buy For People With Disability? And How To Train Them For Help?

posted on 2017-02-28  09:25:31 By D.C. Beam

People with disabilities face tough challenges every day. Life is hard for them. Giving handicap people a dog is a great idea. Dogs can make great companions. A person feels awkward when he or she needs to ask another person for some help. But no one feels awkward when they are with a dog. Dogs can work better than therapy.

However, not all dogs can do the job. People with disabilities need to have special kinds of dogs. These people need a strong and brave dog.

Today I am going talk about dogs to buy for people who needs help. Remember just buying the dog will not be enough; you also need to train the dog so they can help their owners.

Points to remember

  1. Puppies require a lot of care; puppies are also hyper active during the day. They need constant attention. You cannot get someone with special needs a puppy. They will be happy, but that is not the point. They will have a hard time taking care of the puppy.
  2. Dogs need special training to become service dogs. If you are planning to gift a dog to a disable family member, then you need to make sure you are getting a trained dog. Or you can always pay for the dog’s training.
  3. Adopting a dog is not a great idea for people who require help, as adopted dogs come with baggage.
  4. A service dog needs special diet; you need to make sure the person you are purchasing the dog for is capable for handling the expenses.
  5. No one likes to feel “helpless”, so before you give someone a service dog, make sure your words do not hurt that person.


A service dog costs $20,000. These dogs are expensive, but they need special training and they are going to do a very important job. So, buying a service dog is money well invested.


In the beginning I told you how not all dogs can be a good helper. Dalmatian, Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Sheppard make best service dogs.

Important things to remember about service dogs

  1. Service dogs are trained to do some important jobs. These dogs are not like regular pets. So you cannot treat them like regular pets either. A service dog acts like a protector of his owner.
  2. Children with disabilities can benefit a lot from using service dogs. Autistic children feel comfortable around a service dog.
  3. Elderly people who live alone should get a service dog, instead of regular dog. Specially trained dogs know how to act when their owner is suffering from a seizure or stroke.
  4. Most of the time you saw service dogs with vests, however these vests are not mandatory. Companies which train these dogs give them vets with their logo for promotional purposes.
  5. Service dogs need regular rest, and care.

There are many instances where a service dog saved his owners life. These dogs are real miracle workers.

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