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How To Teach Your Dog Etiquettes Of Dinning

posted on 2017-02-26  14:26:32 By Scott

My first dog was “the beast” of the house when I first got him. He used to sit beside our dining table, and after ten minutes he used to make a mess of our foods. He used to act wild in front of food.

I understood I needed to do something. I researched and I found easy ways to teach my dog table manners. I am going to share my tips for teaching dogs dinning etiquettes with you. Remember, you need to work fast; you should start training your dog when he is still a puppy.

Tips to teach dogs dinning etiquette at home

  1. First rule of teaching your dog something, do not talk to him in a soft voice. You can pamper him as much as you want to. But please keep talking to him with an authority voice when you want him to learn things.
  2. Keep your dog away from the dining room table before you teach him to stay calm around dining table. Remember, your dog carries bacteria and if he licks the foods, it will get the bacteria from dog’s mouth. You can face serious health issues.
  3. Teach your dog basic commands first, like sit, stay, relax, good dog, bad dog, okay, eat now.
  4. Put your dog’s collar and take him near the dining table. Hold his leash as tightly as you can.
  5. Put some foods your dog love on the table. Still do not let him eat the food.
  6. Now, let the dog wait, you can talk to him, he will get impatient but you have to be strong, remember this is the only way you can teach your dog table manners.

  7. If your dog tries to get in touch with the food, shout loudly “bad doggy” and keep him away from the dining table as a punishment.
  8. If he stays calm, say “good doggy” and show him some affection. After ten minutes or so let him eat, say “okay and eat.”
  9. You have to keep doing these things over and over again. Your dog will take time to learn table manners.
  10.   Always show the show dog affection if he acted like a dog at the dining table.

Anyway, you can teach your dog table manners, but I will always tell you to serve dogs food separately (inside your home, but away from the kitchen and dining table), after all dogs are different from humans.

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