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How To Teach Your Dog To Grab A Object In His Mouth And Take It to You

posted on 2017-02-25  15:12:50 By Phil

My old neighbor’s dog used to get the newspaper to him every morning. I was a little bit jealous of my neighbor. I always wanted to have a dog that will bring my morning newspaper to me. After getting my first dog, I learned a valuable lesson. Dogs will not grab things and take it to their owners naturally; one needs to train them to do so.

Thankfully I learned the technique of teaching a dog how to carry things in his mouth very quickly. In this article, I am going to share my knowledge with you.

Reason why your dog needs to learn to hold things in his mouth

Grab A Object-1.jpg

For young dog owners teaching their dog to bring objects to them is a play, but there are people who are not so active anymore. These people can really use help from a well trained dog.

Some therapy dogs can even take the medicines to their owners. Some visually challenged people use dogs who delivers things to them.

Anyway, you may not need your dog’s help but it is always fun to teach your dog a new thing.

You need to teach your dog sit and give commands and then you can teach him to grab things and take it back to you.

Tips for training

  1. Call your dog and ask him to sit in front of you. Now hold something (non-food item) in your hand and take the object in front of your dog’s nose.
  2. Hold the object in front of his nose so he can smell it well.
  3. Your dog may want to lick the object, allow him to do so.
  4. If the dog wants to grab the material, take him away from him.

    Grab A Object-3.jpg

  5. Hold the object little loosely, so that the dog can come and take it away from your hand.
  6. After your dog grabs the thing in his mouth and holds it, say the word “give it to me.”
  7. If he comes back with the object, tell him “good boy” and reward him a treat.
  8. Practice this with different objects for couple of days. Newspaper, Beer anything you want.

In reality, you will need to work hard to teach your dog commands. This is not going to be easy. However, I noticed after using a particular clicker I am able to train my dog faster. You can order my favorite clicker here

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