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Make Your Dog Vet And Groomer Friendly

posted on 2017-02-26  19:03:16 By tracie taylor

Does your dog hate all human beings besides you and your family members? Then he is not alone. Many dogs hate their vets, groomers. This can be a real problem as you cannot avoid taking your dog to the vet or groomer. You need to teach your dog to like his vet and groomer.

Trust me, dogs normally like people, so training your dog to like his groomer and vet will not be a hard job. He needs to understand his vet and groomer are not trying to hurt him.

Tips to train dogs to like vet and groomers

  1. Your dog acts weirdly at the vet’s office and grooming salon because those places are unfamiliar for your dog. You need to get him used to those places first. Take your dog to vet’s office and show him around. Do the same thing with grooming salon.
  2. You need to be there all the time in the beginning. Hold your dog close to you when vet examines him. You need to make your dog feel as comfortable as you can.
  3. Put your hand on your dog’s head when vet is examining your ask. Gently ask the vet to do the same thing. Keep saying words like “its okay” and “who is a good boy.”
  4. Hopefully, the vet will know better than you, and he/she will be able to make your dog feel comfortable. Vets are used to dog bite and they know how to handle naughty dogs.
  5. Grooming salon is worse for dogs at first. Your dog will hate when someone else will try to cut his hair. I suggest you to cut your dog’s hair at home first. This is to make him understand you are cutting his hair only to make him feel more comfortable.
  6. Do the same things as you did at the vet’s office, hold your dog tightly and show him affection when the groomer is working with him.
  7. If your dog tries to run away or do something bad at vet’s office, punish him, do not talk to him on the way back home. He needs to understand you will not accept these behaviors.
  8. If your dog stays calm at grooming salon, give him treats.

Lastly I want to tell you, do not worry about this at all, groomers and vets know how to handle dogs, so you do not have to worry about anything.

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