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Things You Need To Know About Teeth Clean Molar Rod For Dogs

posted on 2017-02-26  11:36:45 By Laura

Molar rod or chew bones are very important for dogs. But as an owner you need to pay attention to the quality of molar rod you are getting for your dog. Reason is simple, some molar rod or chew bones for dogs contain harmful toxins, and these chemicals can kill your dog.

Natural chew bones are great as it keeps your dog’s teeth clean. These organic chew bones are costlier than ordinary chew bones, but you should still buy them only.

Tips for purchasing molar rod, product I recommend and customers’ reviews

I only use Buck Bone Organics’ molar rod for my dog. It is a completely natural bone and contains no chemical.

I purchased this molar rod from Amazon of course and like me many other Amazon users also have only good things to say about this molar rod.

Review from buyers

“This was a nice sized bone. I had to use my scroll saw to cut it in half though, as my dog lost interest because he could not access the marrow portion. After it was cut... View More >>
Stone Polisher, an Amazon buyer

So here you go, buy only natural molar rod for your dog. You can purchase this particular product here.

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