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Important Tips: How Can You Make Sure Your Dog Never Gets Lost?

posted on 2017-02-22  15:23:14 By Linda S Fox

One day I woke up and my dog was not sitting besides my bed like he usually does. It was a scary experience as I thought I lost my dog. Thankfully my dog was chasing a fly, and no harm was done. But as a first time dog parent you should know you dog can ran away anytime. You can take as many precautions as you want, but mishap can still happen. This is why you need to make sure even if your dog runs away, someone can always take him back to you. Here are my tips to make sure you never lose your dog.

Tips to make sure your dog never get lost

Attach a microchip

This is the best way to make sure your dog never gets lost. Take him to a vet and ask him to attach a microchip (with your details) in his body. If your dog ever gets lost and ends up in a vet’s office, then all he/she has to do is to scan the microchip and he will know your phone number and address.

Collar with large tags

Get Lost-3.jpg

Every dog owner now makes a tag. Make sure you always attach the tag with your dog’s collar. The tag needs to have your phone number, phone number of two other relatives or friends, and your home address written.

Teach him commands

Teach your dog commands like come and stay, if your dog knows these two commands then he will not get lost very easily.


Get Lost-4.jpg

Do not run with your dog, you need to train him to walk slowly with you, always hold his leash tightly, even when someone is talking to you.

Secure home

Cover your house with long fences, so your dog cannot get away. Fences are not very expensive, so you can do it.

Car safe

Make sure your dog is safely attached to the car seat when you are taking him to the vet. Better buy a customized dog car seat.

Spend time with him

Get Lost-2.jpg

Believe it or not, dogs are emotional and they understand if their owners love them or not. Spend time with your dog, play with him, and give him good food and water. He will never try to run away.

This is all you can do. Always try to be a responsible dog owner and you will never lose your dog.

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