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The Most Effective Way To Discipline Your Dog, And Does Punishment Actually Works?

posted on 2017-02-14  10:46:31 By Lynne Sadler

Did you see Marley and Me? It is still one of my all time favorite films. Marley was cute, but boy that dog needed to learn some discipline. I became a dog parent after I watched Marley and Me; I decided to give my dog some mandatory disciplinary lesson because of that film. Just kidding of course, I mentioned this movie because today I am going to talk about The Most Effective Way to Discipline Your Dog, also why it is important to teach your dog some rules.

You also need to punish your dog (not physically) sometimes. Like parents of human babies you need to know you are punishing your dog only for his own good.

Discipline Your Dog-1.gif

First of all here are some disciplines you need to teach your dog,

  1. Your dog needs to know he cannot poop and pee anywhere, if he does then he will suffer consequences.
  2. No matter what, do not change your dog’s meal time. He cannot eat whenever he wants. Do not give him treats whenever he wants. Bad food habits give birth to a spoilt dog.
  3. Your dog needs to know he cannot bark if a relative comes to visit you.
  4. Do not share food from your plate; it is not a good habit.
  5. It is possible you have more than one pet; your dog needs to know he can not harm other pets and you love them all.
  6. You will leave your dog alone some days; he needs to know he cannot mess up the room just because he is missing you.

Discipline Your Dog-2.jpg

Now, these are the rules that you need to teach your dog.But believe me; your dog will break those rules very often in the beginning. You need to punish him for breaking the rules. Here are some important tips about your dog’s punishment,

  1. Please do not punish him with a soft voice, your dog needs to understand you are the boss and you are not happy with him.
  2. Always punish the dog within five minutes of breaking the rule.
  3. During his time out, do not talk to him, tell your other family members to do the same.
  4. Do not physically hurt the dog, no matter what he did, physical punishment will make your dog scared and he will never again think of you as his friend.
  5. Do not reward him a treat right after punishing him; he will not take the punishment seriously then.

Your dog needs to obey you and not fear you.

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