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Why You Should Take Your Dog in for Annual Checkups

posted on 2017-01-30  10:26:15 By Barbara Porter

I am a dog lover. I also know a lot of dog lovers like me. I noticed people who raised multiple dogs know exactly when they need to take their dogs to the vet. New pet owners often think they only need to go to a vet when their dog is sick. This is a huge mistake. Annual check-up ensures good health in dogs. Take the dog to the vet once a year, even if he looks healthy.

Reason why your dog needs annual check-up

The reasons are countless. But most importantly, your vet can actually tell you what going on inside your dog’s body. According to pet magazines, most vets suggest at least one annual pet exam. This is why some dog owners are getting insurance for pets now. Vet’s bill can be huge; insurance does help in long run.

Puppies need more care than adult dogs. You need to spend more money for dog health care in the beginning. But do not worry, as dogs get older, he will get vaccines, his immune system will get stronger and he will not fall sick more often. An annual pet exam will be enough for your dog. Most pet insurance cover annual pet exam expenses.

One thing I need to mention here, annual pet exam is only available in big city pet hospitals. If you live in a small town, then chances are your city does not have much health care options for your dogs. This is not necessarily bad news. Most dogs that live at home are healthy. They do not need regular care. As I said take the dog to the vet once a year and your dog will be fine. But again, I am talking about adult dogs here. You cannot miss vet appointment when your dog is just couple of weeks old.

Emergency dog health care

All pet owners need to prepare themselves for this. Mishap will happen. However, there is something you can do to make sure your dog does not suffer from accidental health emergencies. We are going to tell you how you can avoid emergency dog health problems.

Steps and Tips to prevent dog health emergencies

  1. Give the dog all mandatory vaccinations.
  2. Do not take the dogs to a dog park, as there will be dogs that are not vaccinated, your dog can pick up diseases from those dogs.
  3. Give your dog a healthy diet. Make sure meats your dog eats are well cooked. Do not keep food items that are toxic for your dog within his reach.
  4. Clean your dog regularly. Regular cleaning will keep away mites and infections.
  5. Make sure your dog drinks sufficient clean water every day.
  6. Keep the dog away from bee hives. If you have a garden, spray repellent that will keep away snakes and other insects.

An irresponsible pet owner will have to pay lots of money to vets. But if you take care of your dog well, then regular once a year pet health exam will be enough for your dog.

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