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Summer Heat: Time To Keep Your Dogs Safe Inside Home

posted on 2017-01-31  11:47:33 By Slade

Who does not love summer? Sun comes out and we feel happy. Sun bathing may make you look pretty, but summer heat is not great for your dog. I know a dog who suffered from heatstroke, scary right? So, today I decided to share some summer safety advice for your dogs.

Dog parenting guide during summer

  1. What does your doctor say when you visit him during summer? He tells you to drink plenty of water during the day. You should do same for your dog. Give your dog lots of water. He needs water to stay hydrated.
  2. Take your dog for a walk after Sunset. Your dog will sweat a lot under hot sun. He may even get heatstroke.
  3. For dogs like Poodle, A fan will not be enough to keep him cool. You need to install an air conditioner in your dog’s room.
  4. Give your dog a long bath every day. He will enjoy his bath; you do not have to work hard to keep him inside the tub.
  5. You need to give your dog some ice treats. You can keep his food inside the freezer for a while. (Important : please do not give him ice creams made for humans)
  6. Let your dog sleep as much as he wants.
  7. Diet is also important. Apart from proteins, give your dog sufficient fiber, so he does not suffer from constipation.
  8. Cut your dog’s hair regularly during summer time.

Anyway, even after doing everything according to the above list, your dog may still get sunburn. Do not worry; it is not as bad as it looks. Today I am going to tell you how to treat dog sunburn right at home.

Visible Signs of dog Sunburn

  1. Dry looking skin all over body
  2. Cracked skin
  3. White and red patches around whole body
  4. Your dog is itching more often than he does. He may also try to spend more time in water, as infected skin will give his body a burning effect.

There are some home remedies for dog’s sunburn. You can cover the area that was affected. You can also use Aloe Vera gel on the affected area. Aloe Vera can sooth burned skin. Keep giving him baths and good foods. The sunburn will go away in couple of days.

I personally do not believe in home remedies. I use a product on my dog. This product is now one of my favorite summer essentials. The product is called Dr. Harvey's Organic First Aid Healing Cream for Dogs. This cream is not just for Sunburn, I use this product also for cuts and other rashes my dog gets. This product works like a magic. My dog has no problem with this product. Normally, the skin problem vanishes within 24 hours of applying this cream. This is an organic product, so has no side effects. You can order this cream here.

Your dog does not need Sunglass, so do not spend money on Dog Sunglasses. However, dogs do look cute wearing Sunglasses.

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