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Signs That Say Your Dog Is Suffering From Separation Anxiety

posted on 2017-01-30  16:23:01 By Thomas

I am a working dog parent. My dog initially gave me hard times when I left him home alone. My room was always a mess when I came back from my office. This was a huge problem. I took my dog to the vet and he said my dog is suffering from separation anxiety. Yes, it is real. Long story short, my hard work paid off, today my dog behaves like a good boy when he is alone at home.

How do you know your dog is suffering from separation anxiety?

  1. You come home and notice a big pile of poop on the floor.
  2. Your neighbors call you to complain about too much barking during the day.
  3. Your room is a mess.

Some dogs eventually get used to living alone for sometimes during the day. However, you may not be a lucky owner. If your dog continues to ruin things around the house when you are not at home, take him to the vet.

Reasons behind dog’s separation anxiety

This question does not have a clear answer. But some vets say dogs have to leave their mothers when they come to their owners’ house. Their owner becomes their parents. Pet dogs also do not get to socialize with other dogs. They feel lonely. Their owner is their only friend. This is why they get nervous when they do not see their owners for sometimes. They feel like they are going to be all alone again. We may not realize but dogs are actually very sensitive animals.

However, there are other factors which can cause separation anxiety in dogs. Dogs feel alone in a new home. Change of residence is not always good for dogs. Sick dog also get nervous when they are alone at a home. Poorly trained dogs also get separation anxiety.

How to deal with dog’s separation anxiety

I must warn you one thing, before I share my tips for dealing with separation anxiety, please know the change will not happen in one day. You need to actually make some serious changes. Your dog will need to understand the separation is only for a small time and you are going to come back soon.

How to make your dog feel comfortable “alone”

  1. Take your dog for a walk every day. After coming back from walk, give your dog something to eat. Your dog needs to understand “going for walk everyday” is his job. He will get reward if he does the job well.
  2. This next steps work like a magic. Do not react if your dog made a mess in your room. Act casually; eventually your dog will understand his actions have no effect on you.
  3. Give your dog a goodbye kiss before you leave home for work.
  4. Start with short leaves. Go to the store for five minutes without him.

After some weeks, your dog will feel better as he will understand you are not leaving him for good. The separation is only temporary.

Rescued dogs are more prone to separation anxiety as they always lived a hard life. These dogs may need some therapy before they get used to their new lives.

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