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OMG! Is Your Bad Judgement Making Your Dog Obese?

posted on 2017-01-30  15:52:10 By Shirley Runyon

Obese dogs look adorable. But overweight dogs are not happy dogs. Yes, it is true, obese dogs are sad dogs. They also do not live for long. However, good news is obesity in dogs is not a big problem. Some diet and lifestyle changes can make dogs thin again. Dogs are neither emotional eaters nor they can order a pizza online. So, don’t lose your sleep if your dog is obese. Just follow our obesity guide for dogs.

First of all why obesity is bad for dogs?

Dog’s bones and vital organs can carry a small weight only. Unlike humans dogs are not supposed to be overweight. An overweight dog can suffer from diabetes, weak bone related diseases. All these diseases can shorten a dog’s life.

Weird thing is, and I am speaking this from personal experience normally vets do not talk about how much food one dog needs per day. They always talks about importance of giving the dog a balanced diet. But most of the time they do not talk about ideal portion sizes for a dog. This is not right. I ask my vet about portion size.

My dog loves food. When I first got him I actually thought no matter how much I feed him he will never be full. Because my dog keeps asking for more food, you know gave me that innocent “I need more foods” doggy style looks. I did not know this before, but my habit of over feeding my dog could have killed him long time ago.

Ideal dog foods should contain 70 percent meat, 20 percent rice, and 10 percent vegetables and fruits. Meat is good for dog. Meat gives dogs strong bones. Too much rice is not good for dogs. Rice makes them lethargic.

Today most people live in urban area. There is a shortage of space in urban area. Most dogs live in an apartment building with their owners. These owners have jobs. They do not have time to walk their dogs every day. Most of these dog owners cannot cook meal for themselves; they do not cook for their dogs either. They either rely on readymade dog food or they feed their dog restaurant made meats. Lack of exercise and inappropriate diet are making dogs obese. This is a serious problem. New age human lives are harming dogs.

I admit I don’t have time to cook every day. I too rely on readymade meal. But I can say one thing, my dog is healthy. He is energetic, he is smart and he almost never falls sick. I am going to tell you about my dog’s secret diet. I feed my dog NUTRO Adult Dry Dog Food. There are many versions of NUTRO Adult Dry Dog Food; I feed my dog the chicken one. He loves it.

NUTRO Adult Dry Dog Food is the only dry dog food my dog ever tried, he liked it very much. He finishes his bowls very quickly. I feed my dog NUTRO Adult Dry Dog Food every day. I also feed him boiled veggies, rice and chicken when I have time to cook. I tell you this dry food saved me and my dog’s life. If you need this dog food then you can order it here.

Before I end this article, one advice, please ask your vet about your dog’s daily calorie requirement. Overeating never did anyone any good.

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