Puggle Training


Easy to Train
Very (Rating 4/5)
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Puggles are highly intelligent little dogs and they love to please which in short means that in the right hands, these little dogs are easy to train. The added bonus being they love the one-to-one attention they get during a training session. The key to successfully training a Puggle is to make their training sessions as interesting and as diverse as possible. Shorter training sessions carried out more often are better than longer ones because it keeps these intelligent dogs more focussed which can be challenging at the best of times.

As previously mentioned, puppies need to be well socialised from a young enough age for them to grow up to be more outgoing, confident characters and their training has to start as soon as a puppy is bought home. However, it's best to just teach puppies the "basics" and start their training in earnest once they have been fully vaccinated and slightly older. It's also a good idea to take a Puggle to puppy classes which not only teaches them how to behave, but it gets them used to being around lots of other dogs and people too.

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