Pug Training


Easy to Train
Average (Rating 3/5)
Average (Rating 3/5)


Pugs are intelligent little dogs, however, they do boast a bit of a stubborn streak in them which means their training needs to be firm, consistent and always fair. It's important for rules and boundaries to be set early when living with a Pug and they need to be taught their place in the "pack" and who is alpha dog in a household to prevent any unruly, dominant behaviours.

Pugs respond well to positive reinforcement and will not do well if they are handled roughly or when training methods are too harsh. The same can be said of telling a Pug off, if this is done too harshly it will have an adverse affect rather than a positive outcome. Pugs are renowned for testing boundaries and limits which means being firm and consistent at all times remembering that it is in a Pug's nature to see how much they can get away with before being told off.


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