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Lancashire Heeler Training


Easy to Train
Average (Rating 3/5)
Average (Rating 3/5)


Lancashire Heelers are known to be intelligent dogs and they are always eager and willing to please. However, they do have a bit of a stubborn streak in them which can make them harder for a first time owner to train. As such they are not the best of choices for novice dog owners, but do very well with people who are familiar with the breed or similar types of intelligent, highly active dogs.

Their training has to start early and it has to be consistent throughout a Heeler's life. These little dogs need to know their place in the pack and are happiest when they know they can look to their owners for guidance and direction. If they are not given the right amount of socialisation when young and if their training has been left a little too late, a Heeler would show a more dominant side to their natures which can make them a lot harder to handle when all they want to do is their own thing.

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