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Dog Anal Gland Care

posted on 2017-01-26  10:32:47 By Carol

Dogs are exactly like your family members. You need to take care of your dog’s health like you do for a family member. You need to be with your dog in sickness and in health. This means you need to take care of dog’s anal gland problem. Every dog faces anal gland problem at least once in their life cycle.

Visible signs of infection in anal gland

Anal gland infection is very painful dogs. They will start acting differently because of pain. Dogs cannot talk, so you need to look for some signs. Their behavior will tell you if something is wrong inside their body.

  • Dogs lick their behind constantly, but you can still notice if your dog is licking his behind more than usual.
  • Scooting too much
  • A fishy smell coming from your dog’s behind
  • Reddish skin in anal area
  • Blood coming out of anal area

How to take care of dog’s anal gland

Your dog needs a high fiber diet. Constipation creates anal gland problem in dog. In simpler terms, your dog needs to poop daily for a healthy anal gland. Always feed the dog organic food. Give your dog a complete bath, I mean clean his bottom along with his face. A healthy lifestyle is necessary for a healthy dog.

Dogs can develop anal gland cancer. It is not common, but it is incurable. So take your dog to vet if you see infection on his anal gland.

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