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How To Put Eye Drop IN Your Dog’s Eyes

posted on 2017-02-25  12:16:36 By Sara Krzykowski

Playing with dogs is a super fun activity. Putting eye drops in dog’s eyes on the other hand is an extremely painful activity. First time dog owners do not think about lots of things they have to deal with in near future. Most first time dog owners think taking care of a dog means giving him food, walking him and giving him baths. No new dog owner thinks about dog’s eye care, but they should. As like it or not, if you have a dog, you need to take care of his eyes once in a while.

Dogs do get pink eyes and there are puppies that often develop eye problems.

Put Eye Drop-1.jpg

Do you know there are eye drops for dogs just like eye drops for humans? Here is my step by step guide for putting eye drop in your dog’s eyes.

  1. You are going to touch your dog’s eyes. So clean your hands first, as dirt in your hands can cause your dog’s eye irritation.
  2. Always only use eye drops that your vet prescribed for your dog. Please do not try to be a doctor yourself.
  3. If possible ask a family member or a friend to help you.
  4. Put all the medicines in one place.

    Put Eye Drop-2.jpg

  5. The other person (your helper) needs to hold your dog tightly, but make sure your dog is not getting hurt.
  6. Some dogs get very violent during this process; he may try to bite you. Put a no bite mask on his mouth. It is for your safety.
  7. Put the medicine in his eyes. Now to make sure medicine stays inside his eyes, please close his eyelids with your fingers.
  8. Massage your dog’s eyes softly. Follow the same steps for his other eye.
  9. You are not done; your dog will feel some discomfort once the eye medicine starts working. He may try to scratch his eyes, which is dangerous. Please hold your dog for some more time like this.
  10.   Give your dog a treat and finish the process.
  11.   If you think you cannot do these above steps, then take your dog to a vet’s office and a nurse will do the job for you.

How often should you put drops in your dog’s eyes?

Put Eye Drop-3.jpg

At first use the drop thrice a day, but lower the dosage as his eyes start to get better.

My vet recommends I-Med Pharma for my dog. I also prefer this drop because I feel like this eye medicine cause my dog very little discomfort. I also noticed that no matter what kind of eye problem my dog has this product takes care of the problem very well.

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