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How to Comb and Trim Dog's Hair?

posted on 2017-01-27  14:46:12 By BostwickBooks

Do you really need a dog groomer? I say no, you can trim and comb your dog’s hair all by yourself. However, you need to be very careful when you are trimming your dog’s hair. You need right tools for the grooming job.

Reasons to groom your dog at home

  1. Dog groomers are very rich; they charge lots of money for taking care of their client’s dogs. Grooming your dog at home will save you a lot of money.
  2. You and your dog will have a great bonding time during grooming session at home.

Tips to comb and trim your dog’s hair

Here are some easy ways to trim your dog’s hair. Follow these steps carefully.

  1. Give the dog a good bath. Use shampoo made for dogs. Now wait for dog to get dry.
  2. Take the dog outside, do not groom him inside, it will create a mess.
  3. Now get the tools ready, you need a dog comb and a big scissor.
  4. Start cutting long hairs, your dog will not suffer any pain because of hair cutting.
  5. After cutting the hair, use a dog comb. Combing your dog’s hair right after is important, you can see if you need to cut even more hair.
  6. Finish the process with another bath and a cuddle.

Please clean the tools after using them. This process applies for all dog breeds. It does not matter if you have a poodle, pug or a pitbull; you have to follow these basic steps. Maybe, poodles will need a trim more often than other breeds.

Dog grooming is an easy job. You need to do this job many times during your dog’s life cycle. But trust us; you will enjoy this process a lot. If this is too much work for you, then you can always get a dog from hairless breeds.

Products we recommend for dogs grooming

Remember, in the beginning I said you need right tools for your dog’s grooming at home. I love buying grooming kits for dogs. One packet has it all. It saves time and I do not have to wonder, “Did I forget something?” I found three great dog grooming kits for you. I used all of them and they are fantastic.

Review from buyers

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