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Labrador Retriever Caring


Having short, dense coats, Labrador Retrievers need to be groomed on a weekly basis for their coats and skin to remain in good condition and to keep shedding under control.  This is especially true during the Spring and the Autumn when they tend to shed the most. These dogs also benefit for being regularly bathed during the warmer summer months being careful not to overdo things. It's also essential to use dog-specific shampoos when bathing a dog otherwise it would lead to upsetting the pH balance in a dog's skin which can lead to them developing painful skin irritations and allergies.

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Labrador Retrievers are high energy dogs that need to be given the right amount of daily exercise to remain healthy and fit. Ideally this should be a minimum of 2 hours a day and this needs to include plenty of mental stimulation. If not given enough exercise, these dogs get very bored and they are more at risk of putting on far too much weight for their well-being, something Labrador Retrievers are prone to do if fed an incorrect diet and not given enough exercise.

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Labradors are known to like their food and are prone to putting on weight if fed the incorrect amount of food to suit their ages and the amount of exercise they are given on a daily basis. As such owners have to carefully monitor their dog's weight and to limit the number of treats they are given as rewards during any training sessions. Labradors are not fussy eaters, but they do need to be fed a good quality diet that's rich in all the right nutrients to suit the different stages of their lives so they remain fit and healthy.

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