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Classic Female Dog Names

Blaze is an English name that literally means “blaze”. Initially, it was used as a nickname for redheads. It could also be derived from the English name Blaise which means stuttering, but the former meaning is more likely.
Dusty originates in Old Norse languages and means "tough like a stone of Thor". It is most likely a diminutive of Dustin. Unlike Dustin, Dusty can be used as both feminine and masculine given names. As a feminine given name it was popularized by the famous British singer Dusty Springfield, born Mary Isobel Cathrine Bernadette O'Brien.
Lady originates in English language and is taken from the word for a woman of high manners, the counterpart of a lord or a gentleman. It was popularized by the American artist Lady Gaga. First Lady is the nickname for the wife of the head of a country. Until today, lady is still used as a title rather than a name. As a feminine given name it is very rare in the United States.
Lassie originates in Scottish language and is taken from the word for a "little girl". It was popularized by the fictional character of a collie dog in the novel written by Eric Knight and a subsequent film called Lassie Come Home. As a feminine given name it is very unusual in the United States.
Derived from an Old English word, meaning "hazy, foggy". It is the name of Erroll Garner famous song, as well as a British comic book for girls.
Princess originates in Latin language and is a feminine counterpart of prince. It is a royal title for an immediate family of a king or queen, or simply a woman who marries a prince.
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