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How to Bath a Dog

posted on 2017-01-24  18:35:20 By J. B.

Dogs are prone to infection. As a pet owner, you need to keep an eye on your dog’s hygiene. A clean dog will not fall sick often because of infectious disease. Regular bath will keep the dog clean. But you need to know the right way of bathing your dog. Here are some tips for an effective dog bath.

  1. You need a large bath tub for your dog. You also need a towel, a comb, dog shampoo and some treats for the dog. For a puppy, a large size basket is also okay. Remember all these tools are absolutely must.
  2. Put a robber mat on the tub floor. Bathtubs can get sleepy. Rubber tub will prevent accidents.
  3. Use shampoo made for dogs. Human shampoo, even baby shampoo can be harmful for your dog.
  4. You need to clean dog’s ear separately. During bath time make sure shampoo does not go to dog’s ears or eyes.
  5. Chemical filled shampoo can make your dog sick. An organic shampoo will be better; you can also ask your vet for suggestions.
  6. Gently put the shampoo all over your dog’s body.
  7. Clean the shampoo with a hand shower. You can also use a mug. But hand shower is a more convenient option. You will need to hold the dog in one hand.
  8. After the shower use a soft towel on your dog. Finish the process by combing the hair.

Important things to keep in mind while bathing a dog

  1. Make the bath session short.
  2. Only use products made for dogs.
  3. Clean the bathtub, bath towel regularly.
  4. Consult a vet if you are having some confusion about dog shower products.
  5. Do not use too warm or too cold water on the dog.
  6. You and your dog cannot share a bath tub. It will be harmful to you both.
  7. Outdoor shower is best for a dog.
  8. Always start a bathing session with cuddles, hugs.

Reasons why your dog needs regular shower

  1. Shower will keep the bacteria away.
  2. Your dog will not smell bad.
  3. A clean dog is a healthy dog.
  4. Your dog will use your bed, it will leak you, is not it better if a clean dog does these activities.

Steeps to clean your dog’s ear

Here are the steps to clean your dog’s ear. Start the cleaning process with a little cuddle, just to make your dog feel comfortable. Now gently grab your dog’s ear. Put the liquid cleaner inside dog’s ear. Message the ear very gently for about 20 seconds. Repeat the steps for other ear. If your dog starts to act weirdly after ear cleaning, take him to the doctor immediately.

Dog bath cycle

Contrary to the popular believes dogs do not need a shower every day. You need to bath your dog only once a week.

Products recommended for dogs

Very few brands make natural products, so please research a little before you purchase dog shampoo or soaps. Natural products are best for dogs. Wondercide Natural Products make great soaps for dogs. Customers all over the world are using their products. Amazon customers gave the product very high rating. Pro Pet Works is also another great brand for dog shampoo. Please read the ingredients of the products before you purchase them. Dogs are allergic to some ingredients.

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