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How To Clean Your Dog’s Wound Without Causing Him Any Discomfort

posted on 2017-02-25  10:45:30 By Michael Gallagher

Your dog will get injured once in a while. You can always take him to a vet in case his injury is serious. But you can take care of his minor injuries at home. In the beginning the job will be tough, but you and your dog will get used to it very soon.

Here are the right steps for taking care of dog’s wounds at home

Clean Wound-1.jpg

  1. Your dog will be frightened after getting hurt, as a responsible owner your first job will be comforting your dog. Your dog needs to calm down, otherwise you will not able to take care of his injury.
  2. You need a friend to help you. Ask your friend to hold the dog. You can use muzzle wrap, as injury makes dog violent. He may try to bite you.
  3. It is important you clean your dog’s injury spot. But before that please check if your dog is bleeding from any spot. Take care of the bleeding first.
  4. Take a soft and clean piece of cloth and now put it on the wounded spot. Keep the cloth on the spot for a while; put some pressure with your fingers. This will stop the bleeding.

    Clean Wound-2.jpg

  5. Please keep talking to the talk in a soft voice, show him affection while you take care of his injury. Your affection will give your dog lots of comfort.
  6. Use a trimmer to get rid of all the hair near the wounded area. Do it with care as you do not want to cause your dog even more discomfort.
  7. Now use the ointment prescribed by your vet (you should always ask your vet to suggest you an emergency ointment before you bring the dog home). If needed, put a bandage over the wound. A bandage is good as the dog will be unable to lick the medicine
  8. Your dog will show some discomfort because of the ointment, but it is natural.
  9. Hold the dog for couple of minutes. He will start to feel better soon.
  10.   Now clean your hands and give the dog a treat.

Clean Wound-3.jpg

The above were the steps for taking care of dog’s injury at home. You have to keep an eye on the injury. Please check the status of his wounds often. If you think the injury is getting worse, do not wait anymore and take the dog to a vet immediately.

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