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Easy Ways To Clean Your Dog’s Eyes and reason behind cleaning your dog’s eyes

posted on 2017-02-25  10:31:10 By Hussnain

First time puppy owners, please do read this article with attention, because today I am going to talk about a serious issue and I bet not many people told you about this issue. I am talk about how to clean your dog’s eyes.

The main reason behind cleaning your dog’s eyes is to keep it clean. Dogs’ eyes are delicate. So you need to be careful when you are cleaning your dog’s eyes.

I am going to tell you the rights steps for cleaning your dog’s eyes.

  1. First of all clean your hands very well. If there are some dirt / spice / food items hidden inside your finger nails, they will go inside your dog’s eyes, which will bother them. So keep the hand clean.
  2. Trim the hair around your dog’s eyes, you have to do it gently and with lots of attention and care.

    Clean Your Dog’s Eyes-2.jpg

  3. Now take a very soft wash cloth. Baby wipes are good if you do not have anything else. But please make sure the cloth you are using is soft. You can buy eye wipes for dogs.
  4. Never ever use paper towels to clean your dog’s eyes.
  5. You can also use pre-moisturized wipes. But you have to be very careful with this product. As some of the popular pre-moisturized wipes have very harmful chemicals, these chemicals cause irritation in dog’s eyes.
  6. Start the cleaning process with a little play; this is to make your dog feel comfortable. You can also give your dog his favorite treat before cleaning his eyes.
  7. Some dogs are very difficult and they run away when they feels their owner is about to clean them. If your dog is naughty like this then you may have to do his eye cleaning in a bathtub. Or ask a friend to hold him for couple of minutes.

    Clean Your Dog’s Eyes-3.jpg

  8. Now to the last and most important part. Hold the wipes in your hand and gently clean near your dog’s eyes. If you are using plain wipes then dip it in water and use it. You may need to use dog soap if there is too much dirt under your dog’s eyes.

I use Arava - Dead Sea Pet Spa for my puppies and dogs. You can find this product here.I use this wipe because they are soft and my dogs do not feel any discomfort when I clean their eyes with it.

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