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How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth?

posted on 2017-01-25  09:25:36 By Holly A. Lenz

If your dog is anything like my dog, then be prepared to have a tough time every time you try to brush his teeth. But you have to do it anyway.

Reasons to Brush Dog’s teeth

Do you know almost 80 percent dogs suffer from dental problem by the time they are three year old? Dogs with teeth problem will not be able to chew their food well. This will result in stomach pain. Dogs’ teeth are full of bacteria from food. Regular brushing will get rid of those bacteria.

Ways to brush Dog’s teeth

Follow these steps to clean your dog’s teeth,

  • Buy a good quality toothbrush for dogs
  • Play with your dog and take it to the toilet
  • Take some toothpaste on your finger, encourage your dog to taste it
  • Now gently hold his mouth, open it, start brushing his teeth
  • In the beginning your dog will not allow you to brush his teeth for long. But you have to make it a routine.

Cycle for brushing Dog’s teeth

Every day, yes you need to brush your dog’s teeth every single day. Your dog will eat food every day. The plan is to get rid of bacteria from teeth as soon as your dog finishes his food.

Tools to brush Dog’s teeth

No human things, as a responsible dog owner you need to buy special toothbrush and toothpaste.

Tips for making brushing fun for the dog

Dogs love playing, walking, running. So always try to brush your dog’s teeth after his regular walk.

Products recommended for brushing dogs’ teeth

Dogs’ teeth care does not cost a lot of money. You need to spend approximately $20 a month for your dog’s teeth cleaning products. Try to purchase natural things. Dogs carry more germs than humans on their teeth. So please purchase new teeth cleaning supplies every month. I personally use Nylabone for my dog. It is great product. I recently also used OxGord and it was very good too. Brushing your dog’s teeth will also prevent bad breath.

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