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How To Choose Right Dog Nutritional Supplements?

posted on 2017-02-24  14:53:27 By Dina

In this article, I am going to talk about nutritional supplements for dogs. The reason why you need to give your dog a supplement, tips for finding the best supplement for your dog and products I recommend for your dog ( as you know I always recommend the best products).

Why your dog needs supplements?

You can always feed your dog homemade foods. But if your dog eats only homemade meals then he needs to take supplements alongside his meals. But you have to be very careful when it comes to giving your dog nutritional supplements. Please understand, not all supplements known as “natural” are actually made of natural ingredients.

According to expert vets, not all supplements are good. Some supplements can actually damage your dog’s internal organs. But this does not mean there is no good supplement for the dog.

Choose Right Dog Nutritional Supplements-2.jpg

Most of us eat three big meals and two snacks daily. But we still take at least one multivitamin per day. You can ask a vet to make diet plans for your dog. But your dog will not eat same amount of food every day. Also foods alone cannot provide all the different vitamins a dog need to live a healthy life.

How to choose supplements for dogs

The main reason behind giving a dog supplement is to keep his hair healthy and shiny. Fish oil keeps dog’s hair shiny. So you need to find a supplement that contains fish oil. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are also important for dog’s health. A good supplement with essential vitamins and minerals give dog healthy bones.

Choose Right Dog Nutritional Supplements-3.jpg

Important point to remember

Do not act as the doctor for your dog. Please take vet’s suggestion before giving your dog any new supplements.

Some supplements are harmful for your dog, and too much of supplements can cause kidney failure in dogs.

Choose Right Dog Nutritional Supplements-4.jpg

I told you I am going to suggest a good supplement for my readers. I always prefer products that are made of organic ingredients. I feed my dog Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs by Zesty Paws. This product is completely natural.

What I do is I take some raw food, and then I mix the raw food with some of this oil. My dogs love the taste. This mixture is their lunch.

You can purchase this oil here.

My dogs used to shed a lot. But after using this oil I see a difference.

As always I am going to end this article by saying “be careful”, as your dog’s life quality depends on your decisions.

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