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Vacation Time, Pack Your Dog up for A Trip to The Dog Boarding Facility

posted on 2017-02-19  11:13:54 By Orkun Duman

Most hotels have humans only policy, so no matter how much you love your dog, you cannot take him with you for every vacation. No worries, there are many dog daycare centers who will happily take care of your beloved pet.

However, the process will not be easy and your dog will not want to stay at a day care in the beginning. But he has to, as vacations are also important for you and your family. I am going to share my valuable tips about how to prepare your dog for longer daycare stay during your trip.

Find a reliable day care center

First of all, before you do anything, please ask your friends or your vet if they know about any good dog day care center.

You can also take help from internet search. But whatever you do please go for a center which is in this business for a while. Good reputation is must.

Do a little research of your own. Go ask people about the center.

Remember, your dog trusts you, his life depends on you. So do not just select a random place for him.

Dog Boarding Facility-2.jpg

Things to pack for the dog

Foods: like human beings dogs also get used to his regular foods. The day care center may not have the food your dog likes to eat. So pack some of your dog’s favorite food in his bag. Your dog will feel better if he gets to eat his favorite food every day.

Medicines: Do not forget to pack your dog’s everyday vitamin supplements and emergency medicines. Since your dog is doing to stay at another place, you also need to pack some allergy medicine.

Favorite toys: You should also pack some of your dog’s favorite toys in his care package. He will miss you, and his home, these toys will make him feel comfortable.

Dog Boarding Facility-2.jpg

Things to do with your dog

Make a list of your dog’s everyday activity. Write down everything on the paper; give this list to his temporary caretaker. He/she needs to know what your dog does every day. You need to list his meal times, snack times and what kind of games he likes to play.

Did you heard about author Cindy Hill? I love her books about leaving dogs at home while traveling. First time dog owners can read this book by her. It is an interesting book, and the book answers all your questions related to traveling without the dog.

Dog Boarding Facility-1.jpg

Some people can arrange a sitter who takes care of their dog when they are traveling. But I always prefer to leave my dog at a daycare center, first of all daycare center workers are professionals. They will try to do their best to make me and my dog happy. Second reason is, my dog gets to stay with other dogs when I am not with him. This is fun; it is sort of like a vacation for him also.

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