Common Dog Behavior Problems And Solutions

posted on 2017-02-08  09:20:15 By Kwisatz Haderach

One my dogs had a behavior problem. Most dogs are very friendly, but sometimes dogs do behave badly. There are many reasons why dogs start to behave in an aggressive manner. Bad behavior among dogs is not uncommon, but it a nightmare for the dog parent. Your friends may stop coming to your house because they think your dog child has some kind of problem. How can you deal with a situation like this? No worry we are going to teach you.

Reasons behind your dog’s bad behavior

  1. He/she is feeling lonely.
  2. There is some kind of physical discomfort.
  3. Dogs feel alone when owner is not home; they start to act differently to catch attention from others.

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Here are some common bad dog behaviors


Aggression is the worst form of a dog’s behavior problem. Some dogs even bite their owners when they get aggressive. Good training will solve this problem. But if does not, then take your vet’s help.


Some dogs chew and destroy household things. Puppies chew due to teething and it goes away quickly. But if an adult dogs start to chew things then you may need to take him to a vet.


Dogs start to bark more than usual if they are suffering from separation related anxiety. Again, good training will help the situation.


Some dogs dig everywhere in the garden. You need to find out why your dog is digging on the ground. Keep him away from the garden for couple of days and the habit will go away.

Peeing in house

Most dogs do this to get even more attention from his owner. Scold him and stop cuddling him when he does that. He will understand he did something wrong.

behavior - pic 3.jpg

Tips to prevent dog’s bad behavior

  1. Take him for walks
  2. Try to make him socialize with other dogs
  3. Cuddle another dog in front of him. If he shows jealousy then please do not pay attention
  4. Feed him good food and make sure he drinks lots of water
  5. Take him to the vet, sometimes sick dogs start to behave badly

A happy dog is a well behaved dog.

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