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Reason Why Your Dog Is Barking So Much And How Can You Fix This Problem?

posted on 2017-02-07  12:13:25 By Carisa Dapdap

I have a friend who once spent sleepless nights due to a peculiar reason; she did not have any stress in her life. But her dog was barking all night. She and her family did not know what was wrong with their dog. They finally took him to a vet and after couple of days, their problem was solved. But this problem can also occur to you. Here are my simple tips to manage dog’s excessive barking problem.

Reasons why dogs bark at night

First of all why dogs bark at an unusual time? There can be many other reasons behind that. It is possible your dog is suffering from some kind of anxiety, he may have seen something new and unusual around the house, or maybe he is scared because he was a snake. These are all possibilities.

Dogs bark when they are scared or happy. You need to find out what it your dog’s main problem. You may need to take your dog to the vet.

barking - pic 2.jpg

Another reason for barking during the night can be physical discomfort. It is possible your dog is having some kind of digestion problem. Lack of exercise means your dog is not tired at the end of day. So he is barking because he cannot sleep and wants to play.

Dogs feel threatened when they hear unusual footsteps around the house. So be careful, maybe a burglar is trying to come inside the house.

Tips to stop barking

  1. Take your dog for long walks every day.
  2. Make sure your dog does not overeat during the day.
  3. Feed him healthy diet and make sure your dog drinks plenty of water during the day.
  4. Take vet’s help.

barking - pic 3.jpg

Barking is one of dog’s most natural activities. So you cannot really completely stop it.

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