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First Time Dog Parenting Tips: Everyday Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

posted on 2017-02-06  11:29:47 By Diane

Do you know dogs can die on the spot after eating a little piece of chocolate? Scary right, but wait, there are more human foods which are toxic to dogs. You cannot just keep these foods lying around in your home. Pet dogs around the world died because their owners allowed them to eat something toxic. You do not want to be one of those dog parents right? Then read this article with attention and try to keep the mentioned foods away from your dog as long as he lives.


Chocolate is the worst food for dogs. It can kill dogs within hours. Take your dog to the vet immediately if he accidentally swallowed a piece of chocolate.

article 1 pic 2.jpg


Birthday cake, candies are no-no for dogs. Most candies contain Xylitol, which is poison for dogs. Cakes are made with butter, cream, these food items make dog’s hair fall off.

Avocado, onion and garlic

Three great vegetables for humans, however they are toxic for dogs. Do not ever cook your dog’s meat with onion and garlic.


Obviously you are not going to feed your puppy alcohol. But dogs are curious, they may try to taste alcohol if you spill wine on the floor. Alcohol affects dog’s brain and liver, very dangerous for them.


Grapes cause kidney failure in dogs. Do not ever feed your dog raisins either. Grapes, raisins cause painful slow death for dogs.

Milk and Dairy products

Do you remember how animal activists freaked out when they saw a picture of Prince George feeding his dog an ice-cream? Dairy products are not good for dogs. It hurts their internal organs.

article 1 pic 3.jpg

Raw eggs

Boiled eggs are safe for dogs. An adult dog can eat a whole boiled egg per day. But raw eggs can give dogs E. coli.

Apart from these foods, any food with caffeine is also harmful to dogs.

Is dog Food Safe for Humans to Eat?

I thought of talking about this here as I recently read some blogs where blogger explained how she ate only dog foods for a couple of days. Here is my tip, do not eat dog food, no you will not die, but dog foods will damage internal organs and you cannot take that risk.

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