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Everything You Need To Know About Raw Dog Food

posted on 2017-02-04  15:25:47 By Harriet Fuller

Is it okay to feed your dog raw foods? I had doubts about feeding my dog raw meat. I decided to learn all about raw food diets for dogs. Today I am going to share my knowledge with you. I am going to talk about benefits and disadvantages of raw food diet for dogs.

Foods that are part of raw food diet for dogs

  1. Bones and muscle meat
  2. Raw livers and kidneys
  3. Fresh eggs
  4. Uncooked vegetables (broccoli, salary, and spinach)
  5. Apples, Mangos and other fruits that are allowed for dogs


Benefits of feeding your dog raw foods

  1. His hair will be shiny.
  2. He will poop much less.
  3. His teeth will be very white
  4. His skin will be very healthy.
  5. Raw foods are dogs’ natural foods. A dog that eats only raw foods has much more energy than a dog that eats canned food.


Disadvantages of feeding your dog only raw foods

  1. Foods these days have pesticides, cooking these foods lower the danger of these pesticides on health. Your dog can get seriously sick if he eats raw meats daily.
  2. Your dog’s teeth will get ruined if he eats raw meat every day.
  3. The dog will smell awful because of eating raw meats in large quantities.
  4. Choking hazard due to small raw bones in meat
  5. Raw meats contain bacteria; your dog can catch deadly bacteria from his food.

I feed my dog some uncooked foods, but only fruits. I never gave my dog raw meat. As I said, I researched a lot and I found out raw meat have more disadvantages than benefits. This is why I will never tell my readers to give their dog raw meats.

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