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Know about Ear Mites in Dogs

posted on 2017-01-29  13:59:10 By Leah

No owner wants to see their dogs with ear mites. But it will happen and you will need to get rid of those mites. Ear mites make dogs suffer badly. They cannot eat, they feel weak and most importantly poor things have to scratch their ears all day. Ear mites attack all type of dogs. No matter how careful you are, chances are your dog will have ear mites at least once in his life.

Reasons behind ear mites attack

Like babies get chicken pox from hanging out with other babies with chicken pox, dogs too get affected by ear mites from other dogs.

Tips to prevent ear mite in dogs

There is no “particular“ prevention for ear mites in dogs; all you can do is prevent your dog from hanging out with ear mites infected dogs. You can also clear your dog’s ear regularly. Check your dog’s ear if you notice he is scratching his ears more than usual.

Tools you need to fight ear mite in dogs

There are some ear cleaning sprays which can get rid of ear mites. These sprays are not very costly. You can ask your vet for some suggestions.

Products recommend for getting rid of dog’s ear mites

As usual I am going to suggest some products to you. I used all three products on my dogs. If the results were not good then I would not have suggested these products to my readers. I used to multiple products; I chose the following three products because they gave me the best results.

Pet MD - Otic Advanced Cat & Dog Ear Cleaner - Effective Against Otitis Externa, Ear Infections Caused by Mites, Yeast, Itching & Odor 

This is the first ear mites cure product I used on my dog. I do not like the smell of most dog skin care products. I was worried about this product’s smell also. But to my biggest surprise, this product smells amazing. Even my dog does not hate this product, at least I think that. All I have to do is message the product on his ear. A little message takes care of mite problem very well.

Gold Medal Pets Ear Mite & Tick Control for Pets

Okay, there was a day when my dog just could not stop itching. He could not eat anything, he was not sleeping, and things were very serious around the house. I used this product on my dog. This product worked from the first time. He was feeling all better after just couple of days. This natural product has no side effects and the price is very affordable also.

Performer Brand Ear Mite Killer Lotion

True to its name this product actually performs. My dog was scratching all day. But he stopped his scratching completely, after I applied this product on him. This product is made of natural ingredients, does not have any bad side effects. I highly recommend this product to other dog owners.

Please consult your vet if none of the above product works on your dog.

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