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Remove Dog's Tear Stain

posted on 2017-01-25  14:37:10 By Scott Stathis

Tear stain under dog’s eyes look bad, however you need to know that it is absolutely normal. More or less every dog suffers from tear stain problem. Tear stain on dog is not a disease, rather sign of a disease. This is why you cannot take your dog’s tear stain lightly.

Reasons for Dog’s tear stain

Epiphora causes tear stain under dog’s eyes. In simpler terms, excessive tear from eyes cause stain. These tear stain look more intense on white dogs.

Way to remove dog’s tear stain

As we said earlier, tear stain on dogs is not a disease, but it is a sign of some other disease. So, first of all take the dog to a vet. He will run some tests on your dog. If your dog is healthy, then wait for some days and the tear stain will get lighter after some time. You can use hydrogen peroxide, corn starch to remove the tear stain. But be careful as this kind of products can harm your dog’s eyes. You can also take the dog to a dog salon and they can cut off the dark hairs under the eyes.

Tips to prevent tear stain on dogs

The truth is you cannot prevent dog stain. This happens due to inner health issues. But good diet, regular check-ups will keep the dog healthy. A healthy dog seldom develops tear stain under their eyes.

Products recommended for removing dog’s tear stain

Your dog’s tear stain will not go away in one day. But here are some products which will lighten the stain marks. Please remember, we only recommend products made from natural ingredients here. Dancing Pet Natural Products Natural Products offer a good eye stain remover. The product is made from coconut, so there will be no side effects. Petpost also makes natural eye care products for dogs; we highly recommend products made by them. Please follow the steps written on the products’ back when you are using them on your dogs.

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